F-11D First Order Blaster Prop (No 2)

F-11D First Order Blaster Prop

Hasbro Nerf Blaster Toy Conversion

This is my second Hasbro Star Wars Nerf Blaster conversion which is fitted with Arduino electronics (Sound and lights) and has been spray painted in satin white & black.

Ideal prop for cosplay or just to have as a display piece (This is NOT recommended for use as a toy for children)

    A Video of this Blaster in Action:

    The Blaster:

    • Plays different blaster weapon sound effects, phrases & a theme tune
    • Has a red dot laser from the scope
    • Power meter (Multi-Coloured LED Bar-Graph in the ammo magazine)
    • 0.9" OLED screen showing weapon information
    • Runs on 2 x 14500 3.7V  rechargeable batteries (Not Included

    The battery compartment is inside the removable magazine (Must be removed carefully from the blaster so as NOT to damage any wires - 2 Small Screws and 2 Clips hold the 2 magazine halves together)

    Available Weapons:

    • F11-D Blaster
    • Alien MG
    • MG 42
    • Alien Laser
    • Laser Rifle
    • Shot Gun
    • Single Stormtrooper Phrase
    • Theme Tune - Imperial March
    • Background Ambiance - Stormtrooper Chatter

    There are also Two Buttons on the right hand side - these play various Stormtrooper and Darth Vader phrases


    • Hasbro Nerf Blaster
    • Arduino Nano
    • DFPlayer mini MP3 player
    • 0.96" blue & yellow OLED screen 
    • Multiple red LED for the fire LED
    • Blue running LED lights in the barrel
    • Red laser LED in the scope
    • 10 LED Bar-Graph power/ammo meter
    • Weapon select button
    • Recharge button
    • LED torch button
    • Two buttons (Right hand side) play various Stormtrooper/Darth Vader phrases
    • On/Off switch

    The Scope Red Dot Laser is Activated by holding the Weapon Select Button in for longer than 5 Seconds

    Package Includes:

    1 x Custom made F11-D First Order Blaster

    Please Note: DIY electronics are meant for those with basic electrical knowledge and soldering skills. DIY electronics do not include lead wires, instructions or warranties.

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